Residential Lighting

Your trusted electricians for pendant, recess, and specialty installations and LED retrofits

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Installation

While, driving electric vehicles is economical and energy efficient, charging them from standard sockets isnt. Trust us to recommend and install the right EV Charger to fit your vehicle

Commercial Electrical Services

Our team of licensed electricians are trained to perform clean commercial installations.
From electrical switchgears, lighting and wiring infrastructure, and electrical build-outs, the quality of our electrical work can change the way you do business

Fixed, Simple Pricing

While the cost of home-projects tends to vary at most companies, our team at JSW Diversified is proud to provide simple, clear, and fixed pricing for all home-electrical work.
At $95/hr plus the cost of materials, we provide a team of two, licensed electricians to manage your home needs professionally and correctly the first time

Go Local, Go Texan

When you spend local, your money stays local. Because we're locally-owned and operated, every electrical job we complete puts money back in the community we serve.
Local hiring, local products, and maintaining a positive, local reputation are our standards of care- standards that should matter to every Texan

Commercial Electrical

Experts in electrical infrastructure of subdivision and multifamily properties, electrical engineering of multi-tenant shopping centers, and with more than 50 GW of electrical installation experience, we’re the team you can trust for your large-scale project needs. Give us a call to discuss your needs and let us power your future growth

20-Years Experience

Founded in 1999, there's a reason why we're still in business today. JSW Diversified operates in the best interest of our customers, keeping safety and unmatched service-standards in mind.
Our veteran Master Electrician, team of engineers, and licensed electricians incorporate technology, expertise, and collaboration to deliver turnkey results

Electrical Services

Ceiling Fans

In addition to safe, efficient, and code-compliant installations, relocations, and repairs, our team is ready to recommend the perfect ceiling fan for your home or business

Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breakers distribute energy throughout your home. Older circuit breakers weren't designed for the number of devices we use today.
Our team takes the worry out of updating, repairing, and replacing circuit breakers

Commercial Electrical

From Arc-Flash studies to 3000A switch-gear installations to commercial lighting and energy audits, JSW Diversified has the expertise and level of work your business needs to power through to the future. Call us today to review your needs and schedule a site visit with our engineers and electricians

Electrical Panels

The electrical panel is the heart of your home's electrical system. If your electrical panel malfunctions or fails to work, it's necessary to repair or replace it immediately. Often, panels that fail to perform require thorough troubleshooting and often replacing.
Our team can expertly diagnose, address, and correct or replace any electrical panels in need

EV Chargers

Your electric vehicles rate of recharge depends a lot on the type of charger used and your home's electrical supply.
At JSW Diversified, we can not only recommend the best charger for your vehicle and the electrical load it draws, but install the charger as well

Generators & Home Batteries

From portable generators and their electrical hookups, to permanent generators, and up-and-coming home battery systems, JSW Diversified can service all of your energy backup needs.
Backup power keeps your home and electrical systems running in the event of an outage or high electrical demand. Trust JSW Diversified to recommend and install the best system to suit your personalized needs

Lighting Installation

In Our team of specialized lighting pros will talk over to understand your needs in energy efficiency and aesthetic desires to procure and install the exact lighting to suit your lifestyle

Outlets & Switches

From new home electrical infrastructure to existing home remodels, our team of licensed electricians can replace, install, and troubleshoot the outlet and switch needs for your home or project

Smart Home Services

Embracing evolving technology, JSW Diversified provides peace of mind in Smart Home satisfaction. From thermostats to smart lighting, from timers to motion sensors, we're the best equipped to help your life run smoother on less energy

Smoke Detectors

Life-saving investments, smoke detectors sometimes require installation, maintenance, or replacement. If you're considering replacing or upgrading your smoke or carbon monoxide detector, schedule our team for a site-visit to discover and meet your needs

Reach Out to Our Team

Let us know how our team of electricians and engineers can help you in your home or business project today

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