Our Company

Our Story

In 1999 Steve Whitaker founded JSW Diversified on the principle of integrity, the belief in doing what is right for our customers every time

Building a team with this in mind, Steve grew JSW Diversified into one of the leading electrical, data-cabling, and  MEP companies in South and Central Texas

More than 19 years later, JSW Diversified still holds that founding principle close, and with it is moving forward to redefine what we do

With Steve's invaluable guidance and Supratim Srinivasan taking the mantle of CEO, JSW is primed to set the standard as the company of choice in Texas' energy industry.

What Makes Us Unique

We're Radically Candid

Radical Candor is not brutal honesty- Radical Candor is caring about each other personally enough to challenge them directly

Only in caring personally and challenging directly can we move towards securing, together, the best ideas and paths forward

We're Architects of Engineering

Since our beginnings in Electrical Contracting, JSW Diversified has strived to employ not just the best talent, but the right talent

Retention of talent starts with STEM, and valuing our Engineers and Electricians, who have been consistent in pushing the limits of what can be achieved and consistently striving for self-improvment along the way

We're Energy Innovators

JSW Diversified is proud to be a test-ground for innovation

We are a diverse team of dreamers. Dreamers, with bold ambition and an appreciation for trying hard, failing fast, and learning from experiences

Early players in Distributed Energy, we believe in innovating the way we look at, use, and create energy

We're Culture-Builders

We've never based our idea of company culture off of one person, one idea, or one leadership team. We're consistently building our culture; it evolves as the world evolves, and with it, the needs of our people. Building a culture of innovation, dedication, and fun matters to us, because our people matter to us.

Our Team

Supratim Srinivasan,

In his dedication to the innovation of engineering in energy, Supratim has executed over 25 MW of design & build projects in distributed PV systems. Supratim spearheaded the engineering for SolarHost's Community Solar Program, which launched in Texas under the Powerfin Partners' 2016 agreement with CPS Energy.
Through his work developing the interconnection & qualification standards for distributed generation community solar programs, Supratim was, in 2016, awarded a Technical Contribution Award by Build San Antonio Green. In 2017, a year later, he was also recognized as a distinguished alumnus of St. Mary's University for innovating the distributed PV field. As CEO, Supratim drives the overall business goals & company direction.

Ryan Mosel,
Business Development Officer

Ryan's multidisciplinary background in the outsourcing & offshoring, consumer financial, & startup industries lend themselves to the successful execution of JSW's marketing, sales, & communications in person, print, & digital media.
While overseeing Business Development at JSW Diversified, Ryan led the conversation on a $1.5M utility-scale, North Texas, Solar Farm & choreographed the deployment of JSW Diversified's first large-scale & strategic social media branding initiative.
In his role at JSW, Ryan drives the development of all communications, marketing strategies, & sales, while remaining the guardian of JSW's branding, voice, & values.

Rodrigo Aviles,
Environmental Design Engineer

As JSW's sole environmental engineer, Rodrigo directs the regulatory compliance of the company. In addition, he executes procurement & distribution design for residential, commercial, & utility-scale projects.
In 2019, Rodrigo performed the design and build of a Solar Emergency Response Trailer or SEPT, a state-of-the-art, & automated, solar (PV) trailer capable of immediate deployment to areas of disaster.
Rodrigo's role at JSW finds him both in-office & as a field-agent, leading the procurement & guiding the technical regulatory landscapes of the overall projects.

Juan Meza,
Mechanical Engineer, EIT

A mechanical engineer with a strong bias for process improvement & mechanical optimization, Juan excels in technical startups & mechanically ambiguous workspaces.
In spending 2018 re-engineering plungers, traditionally used in oil and gas extraction, Juan succeed in developing a product capable of self-sustaining motion, with the added benefits of a 16% increase in efficacy & a lifespan increase of 21%.
Although, Juan has engineered & designed over 8.6 MW of Solar (PV) in his time at JSW Diversified, his broad experience & adaptability find him best suited as our chief mechanical engineer, leading the construction & quality-assurance evaluations on individual solar Installations.

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TECL: 27508